In 1989 JJ in 1989 JJ was the 'train' at Santa Fe Trail School (which housed the Deaf and hard of hearing preschool and kindergarten classes) in Shawnee Mission, Kansas  
    JJ loves teaching the kids  
  JJ has great bonds with hundreds of deaf children in the past;
they still have fond memories of watching JJ's mime shows!
  Girl with JJ is Tara Schupner -- 1989 JJ & Tara Schupner  
    JJ told her that she will be the
Miss Deaf Kansas - that came true
in 2001-200 (see inset)
  JJ with Tara Schupner,
Miss Deaf Kansas 2001-2003
JJ with Tara Schupner in Aug 2011  
     (Feb. 17 week only)  
  Diemer fifth-grader Audrey Hartwell performs for students with local mime artist J.J. Jones, teaching her peers about the skill she has recently studied.  
  Audrey Hartwell & JJ
Helping her to put make up on! I just ♥ LOVE ♥ this photo!! I'm going to frame this and put in my mime museum! Very special photo!! Audrey will NEVER forget this!! Wait til 10-20 yrs later for her to see this!!
Also it brings back memories when I did this to my girl Juliana like 17 yrs ago!! (When she was 5 yrs old)
  Olathe, Kansas Fulton, Missouri  
  Baton Rouge, Louisiana Jacksonville, Illinois  
  White Plains, New York New York City, New York  
  Massapequa, Long Island, New York where
the ASL class is taught
Movie Actor Alec Baldwin donated money to
Massapequa High School to rebuild theater
  JJ with Patricia McCarthy, right Frederick, Maryland  
  Delavan, Wisconsin Colorado Springs, Colorado  
  Little Rock, Arkansas Central Institute for the Deaf,
St. Louis, MO
  Council Bluffs, Iowa Alaska School for the Deaf  
  JJ dedicated one of his mime theme to Kenny Walker JJ & famous NFL Football Player
(Denver Broncos) Kenny Walker
  Mayra Anna, teacher & JJ at
Alaska School for the Deaf
JJ & Bob Dramin, ASL Coordinator at
Illinois School for the Deaf
  JJ & Lori Bonheyo, Special Assistant to the
at Maryland School for ther Deaf
Lori Cook, VSA Coordinator & JJ at
Louisiana School for the Deaf
Which one is JJ? JJ & Barbara Garrison, Superintendent of
Missouri School for the Deaf
  Long Island, New York Mario Mucci  (chairman of Wantatay
Deaf Senior) & JJ
    West Pensylvania School for the Deaf
JJ & Principal Mary Beth Lauderdale
  JJ & Rochester School for the Deaf's
Student Life Director Chris Bradley
MillnecK Deaf School Principal
Katie Kerzner and JJ
Oklahoma School for the Deaf Principal & JJ Indianapolis, Indiana
Falmouth, Maine Falmouth, Maine
  Salem, Oregon Salem, Oregon  
  Long Island, New York    
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