I like the manner that "JJ" performed here in Bordeaux, France to honor Red Skelton and Marcel Marceau. We both have same mime spirit. I hope to see you again. Thank you for coming.

Jean Bernard Laclotte 
Former student of Marcel Marceau 
Bordeaux, France 

We are honored that JJ has come to Wichita TWO times this last year (2012). The first time, he came to visit five schools and speak at our benefit evening for Deaf Kids’ Art Network. JJ was a hit at all the schools! He entertained and delighted everyone. We had several teachers from different schools comment on how enraptured their students were and how they had never seen their students so engaged during a student assembly before. And these were elementary, middle school AND high school students! His presentation at our benefit with his life experiences and beautiful photos of his travels in Europe was inspiring. It was a wonderful evening.

The second time he came was to perform in the Mary Jane Teall Theatre for a 90-minute show complete with lights and sound crew. It was amazing! JJ was born for the stage! His material is suitable for all ages and honors the tradition of mime. I’m certain Marcel Marceau would be proud.

Heidi Howard 
Exective Director 
Deaf Kids's aRt Network (DEAFKAN)