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I like the manner that "JJ" performed here in Bordeaux, France to honor Red Skelton and Marcel Marceau. We both have same mime spirit.  I hope to see you again. Thank you for coming.

  Jean Bernard Laclotte  
  Former student of Marcel Marceau  
  Bordeaux, France  

We are honored that JJ has come to Wichita TWO times this last year (2012). The first time, he came to visit five schools and speak at our benefit evening for Deaf Kids’ Art Network. JJ was a hit at all the schools! He entertained and delighted everyone. We had several teachers from different schools comment on how enraptured their students were and how they had never seen their students so engaged during a student assembly before. And these were elementary, middle school AND high school students! His presentation at our benefit with his life experiences and beautiful photos of his travels in Europe was inspiring. It was a wonderful evening.


The second time he came was to perform in the Mary Jane Teall Theatre for a 90-minute show complete with lights and sound crew. It was amazing! JJ was born for the stage! His material is suitable for all ages and honors the tradition of mime. I’m certain Marcel Marceau would be proud.

  Heidi Howard  
  Executive Director  
  Deaf Kids' Art Network (DEAFKAN)  
  When you came to SWIC's SOS retreat, I was very excited because you were our very first guest star to come to this retreat. Watching you interact with students with no signing skills to experienced signers, you put everyone at ease immediately. You relate with your audience of all ages extremely well! Your contagious enthusiasm and excitement in what you do makes people enjoy your shows - they get more that they bargained for.

What impressed me even further was the fact you stayed the full weekend showed that you truly care deeply about what to do for others. I always look forward to seeing you each chance I can get.
  Karyn Houston  
Director of Interpreter Training Program
  Southwestern Illinois Community College, Belleville, Illinois   
  Hey JJ, your mime show was way above my expectation! Not only you made me laugh; you made many of my students laugh to death! Your workshop was outstanding! You helped my students master their non-verbal communications skills which in turn motivated them into becoming the interpreters, ready to serve the Deaf Community in the Metropolitan St. Louis area! I look forward to your return one day!  
  Robert Crowell  
  Non-Verbal Communications Instructor  
  Southwestern Illinois Community College, Belleville, Illinois   
  JJ is a very creative mime artist. It's been a joy to watch his imaginative mime acts several times. It's a must see! 
  Chuck Baird (recently deceased)  
  Deaf Artist  
  JJ, Thank you so much for coming. I so appreciate you and all you bring the students. The students really loved seeing all the technology. Anytime they can see the possibilities is good. They are so fascinated with computers and technology. It is great you made the video to show them.
Thank you again for all you have done and do. 
  Karen Knox   
  Educator of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing  
  Wyandotte Comprehensive Special Education Cooperative  

JJ’s mime performance was a hit with all ages at Maryland School for the Deaf!  He did not only entertain them, he provided a workshop on mime and then included students in his performance which made it very special.  It was very amusing to watch students mesmerized by his performance.  Thank you, JJ for coming to our school.


  Lori Bonheyo  
  Special Assistant to the Principal  
  Maryland School for the Deaf  
  We at the Illinois School for the Deaf loved the JJ Mime shows!  The best part was how much he taught and interacted with our students as they became parts of the show itself!  We are excited to invite him back and expand our advertisement to the community at large.  What a treasure!
  Marybeth Lauderdale  
  Illinois School for the Deaf  

"JJ"... We can't wait for you to come back to do mime again. We love you. You're a positive ray of sunshine and you are "magic" with our kids!

  Barbara Garrison  
  Missouri School for the Deaf  

JJ was FABULOUS!!  A MUST SEE!  We look forward to have him come back soon!

  Bob Dramin  
  ASL Coordinator  
  Illinois School for the Deaf  
  JJ Jones is the GREATEST! His performance was fantastic! Students at the New York School for the Deaf were captivated by his mime performance. He inspired our students and, no doubt, JJ Jones was the STAR of our Deaf Awareness Week!
  Linda Mosca-Ginis  
  ASL Coordinator  
  New York School for the Deaf  
  James Jones is from Kansas City, Missouri. He was the Artist in Residence for Alaska State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. He’s Deaf, a retired engineer, an avid racquetball player and a MIME. But all the students at Russian Jack know about him is that they couldn’t take their eyes off of him at our assembly. All hands moved in unison as the children flew butterflies, dodged UFOs, or pretended to toss balls—JJ’s multi-media, interactive mime show knocked their socks off! And that was his plan.   
Mayra Anna
  Alaska State School for the Deaf  
  J.J. Jones, the Mime, performed for us at the 80th Anniversary celebration at our rose gardens this summer. His performance delighted and enthralled the crowd. Instead of just performing, he involved the audience in his presentation of which made for special memories for many families. I highly recommend that you select J.J. for a performance at your park, school, or facility.   
  Mary Maguire Lerman  
  Coordinator of Horticulture Programs   
  Minneapolis Parks and Recreation  
  On behalf of 500 deaf students across the state of Texas, I want to thank you for your participation in Imagination Celebration Special Weekend for the Deaf. Your workshop was outstanding and the students enjoyed it so much. We appreciate the time and talent you put into this workshop to make it so meaningful to deaf students. 
YOU made a difference in the lives of the children in the workshop. The evaluations we have received have been great. Thank you for caring and sharing in such a special way. It is because of artists like you that we can offer such a once in a lifetime opportunity for deaf students across Texas. We look forward to seeing you again. 
  Dianne Fisher   
  Imagination Celebration Chairwoman  

JJ is a good medicine for the soul!  He was phenomenal!


  Lisa Cook  
  VSA Coordinator  
  Louisiana School for the Deaf  
  Thank you for sharing a slice of your program with us. Your sense of humor and contagious enthusiasm easily engage students and adults in seeing the world from a different perspective.   
  Amy Wheeler  
  SMAC Cultural Arts Chair   
  "I am a longtime fan of JJ Mime. He is a very kind, gentle hearted, gifted person who has a wonderful sense of humor. He always has a smile for everybody. I consider him a fine entertainer and I always enjoy watching him perform many different antics entirely in mime. I am lucky to have him as one of my dear friends. Thank you for your kind dedication to me at Deaf West Theatre."  
  Bernard Bragg  
  Studied under Marcel Marceau in Paris, France in 1956  
  Helped found the National Theater of the Deaf in 1967  
  Actor, performer, writer, director, poet, teacher, and artist  
  It was great to see you perform on stage before a big appreciative audience of deaf and hearing people! Not only once, but TWICE that day! Your mime performances were the highlight of the entertainment venue that day, and I know people are still talking about you. 

Your act really covered a wide variety of topics, from “classical mime” a la Marcel Marceau, and modern “slapstick pantomime” in the Red Skelton fashion, to your very own creations of “Deaf Life” and experiences common to our deaf culture. I was especially impressed at how you captured the reality of Deaf life and every day experiences. This, in my judgment, is unique as I have yet to see any mime portray these stories on stage. It took great imagination and personal , as well as skill, to carry out this challenge successfully. 

It was a delight, too, at how you played up to the children and won their hearts. You easily made them feel relaxed and comfortable as you got them to imitate or become part of the “story”, and every one of them had fun doing so and being in the limelight! That is the test of a true Mime artist – to cater to the tastes and enjoyment of viewers of all ages! Just to see you in movement as each act unfolded was a work of art! Now you are in the company of Marceau and Bragg! 
Robert F. Panara 
Professor Emeritus, English and Drama 
Rochester Institute of Technology 

JJ, thank you for coming to the John Powers School at Vernon Hills to perform your mime show.  It was awesome!  I hope you will come back again to perform mime and also in your workshop. I know the children enjoyed every moment.

  Debbie Kepler-Davis  
  Sub-Teacher for John Powers School  
  Vernon Hills, IL  
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