JJ and Friends

  Hollywood Movie Star Nanette Fabray Heather Whitestone McCallum
1995 Miss America
  Famous ASL Artist-Storyteller Peter Cook and JJ  
  Red Skelton Red Skelton  
  Red Skelton introduced France's greatest mime artist, Marcel Marceau, to the American TV audience in 1960's. Marcel then became world-famous. Marcel Marceau  
  His dream came true - in Vincennes, Indiana  
  Marlee Matlin NTID President Gerald Buckley  
  TV star Luke Adams who starred
in "Amazing Races"
Linda Bove & Ed Waterstreet  
  Bob Hiltermann, famous Deaf drummer & actor Chuck Baird, famous Deaf artist  
  JJ, iLya Goltsov*, Peter Cook, Alexander Filimonov* (little man), Oleg (one who coordinated the Toys Theatre's trip across the USA), Loudmila Romanovskava* & Vassily Solonitsky*
 * Deaf Russians of 'Toys Theatre'
Vassily*, Luda*, JJ, Alex* & ILYA*
* Deaf Russians of 'Toys Theatre'
  Famous Deaf comedian, Charles Jones (CJ) Alex Vetor, Miss Deaf Missouri, 2011-2013  
  Jerry Lumpe - he was JJ's neighbor for 5 years when he played
for Kansas City Athletics (now Oakland Athletics)
Jerry Lumpe - first he played for New York Yankees for 3 years (won World Series in 1958); he played for KC for 5 years before he was traded to Detroit Tigers where he ended his baseball career 3 years later.  
  "JJ" dedicated one of mime theme to Jerry Lumpe called,  "Day at the Ball Park" twice in different times. Thomas Johnson who was a student of Marcel Marceau
visited JJ at his home last Oct 2011!
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