Great Britain

  April 2012  
  (Note: Little Bookham is outside of Great Bookham)  
  Windsor Castle, 2 miles south of Slough  
  BBC-TV's See Hear - like what 'Deaf Mosiacs'
used to be in USA
BBC-TV interviews JJ  
  JJ does the make-up in front of BBC-TV camera BBC-TV's Ahmed interviews JJ  
  JJ & BBC-TV's See Hear Crew Co-CEO Mark Hooper & JJ  
  Mark Hooper opens the show JJ begins his routine  
  JJ mingles among the crowd Everyone enjoyed the show  
  Lots of laughter - Co-CEO Alex Hooper, 2nd from right    
  Lots of Deaf sought JJ's autographed pictures! Everyone loved JJ  
  Southwestern Illinois College's
Non-Verbal Communications Professor Robert Crowell
opens the workshop
JJ demonstrates the importance of non-verbal attributes  
  Everyone participated in the workshop Near the end of workshop, JJ shows the kids
how to play the Tug-of-War
  JJ in Reading, in front of invited-only Deaf crowd JJ 's "new ear" doesn't work!  
  Tug-of-War Everyone loved JJ!  
  JJ at London's Tower Bridge  
  JJ at the Wedding Reception! Children loved JJ!  
    JJ doing street mime  
  JJ doing street mime JJ gives pictures to the kids  
  JJ with British-born, American-naturalized Kathleen Crowell and her American husband Robert Crowell - He helped organize three mime shows and a workshop in England! JJ with the newlyweds.  
  JJ gave a brief performance "Invisible drinks to toast"  
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