September 2011  
  JJ went to Paris (top) and Bordeaux (bottom)   
  JJ in Paris for 1st Annual World of Mime Honoring Marcel Marceau during World of Mime  
  Remembering Marcel Marceau  JJ, his daughter Juliana and 3 deaf Israeli tourists at Deaf Theatre in Paris  
   National Institute for Deaf Youth in Paris  - it is the world's first school for the deaf; it is the same school where Dr. Thomas Gallaudet asked Laurent Clerc to move to America to help start the school for the deaf.  
  In Bordeaux  JJ's name was published in Bordeaux's Theatre program book!  
  Deaf Festival in Bordeaux, France    
    JJ is ready!  
  Theatre of the Swing Bridge in Bordeaux - it was SOLD OUT! Many had to be turned away! Even JJ showed the French people how to play baseball!  
  Hundreds of French people sought JJ's autographed pictures! Many thanks to the group of deaf French mime students  for helping JJ out during his   performance!  
  Juliana, Jean Bernard Laclotte (former student of Marcel Marceau),  and JJ in Bordeaux, France. He is a famous mime artist in France; he runs a mime school where several deaf students attend. Jean had arranged just about everything for JJ's trip in France!  
  JJ and Jean honor Marcel Marceau  
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